As a child, I had an eye on style as my Mother dressed and accessorized to perfection while I watched closely and admired immensely. To date, my friends and clients say I have an eye for style and it is with this gift I work to make them look and feel their very best.

I graduated from University of Michigan with a BA in Communications and Art. After havingworked in the advertising world, I went back to school and received another degree fromWayne State University in Secondary level Art Education. In the last 20 years I have taught Artto alternative students, founded and operated Live wire Bead Co. and after 10 years of being a one woman operation, turned LWB Co. into High Wire Girls, a very well known and widely adored specialty retail boutique.

In January 2009, my career as a retail business owner came to a heartbreaking end. The closing of High Wire Girls and all that came along with the process was truly life changing.  Although it took me a while to pick myself up, brush myself off, regain my confidence and find clarity, I had to move on.  Through my transition, I was able to realize my true passion and my journey continues with Just Call Kara.  My ability to help women and men feel great about themselves through my shopping and outfitting services fulfills me creatively and is rewarding beyond description.   

My life is glorified by my children, Patrick and Abby, and my best friend and husband, Michael. We are blessed by fabulous family and friends who are truly one in the same.

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