Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

Now that the days are longer and it appears that the bulk of the snow and ice are behind us, I am frequently questioned about what to expect when it comes to Spring Fashion. Those closest to me know that Spring and Summer clothes are not my favorite but forecasting Spring and Summer fashion trends does help to move us a little closer to warmer days and sunnier skies.

Spring 2019 fashion trends are dramatic and diverse. There is a little something for everyone and there are a few trends suitable for no one. I’ll let you decide. Here’s a preview of a few…


I am a big fan of glamorous texture so I am all about feathers. Fashion week runways featured feathers head to toe in every color of the rainbow plus. Never to be over done but always fun to play with, try this trend even if only through your accessories and jewelry.

Earthy Neutrals.

Safe, understated, borderline boring. Tans, creams and sand tones inspired designers for Spring. Featured monotones are shown head to toe in what some would call classic sophistication while others may suggest a quiet spot in said “corner”.

“Go Fish” Netting.

Part of me loves this look while the other part goes back to making macramé plant hangers in the late 70’s. Wide woven nets are popular in every style category from bathing suit cover-ups to evening dresses. If you’re not a big fan of wearing the net look, you can support this trend by adding a cute netted handbag or tote.

Hippie Chic Tie-Dye.

Why do I feel like this trend is a constant? Like never dying metallics, animal prints and lace, tie-dye seems to be another vampire of the fashion world. Spring designers featured everything from tie-dyed bikinis to formal wear. Whether brilliant, pastel or neutral color in combination, this trend is here and now. Can you dig it?

Biker Shorts.

This is a tough one for me. I teach indoor cycling and won’t even wear these for my job so why in the world would I wear them for fun and fashion? That said, some of the outfits on the runways were biker short fabulous. If your legs, hips and ass are rocking, then this is a trend you should run (or should I say bike) with.

Hang 10 Surfer Girl.

From JAWS t-shirts to neon colored dresses made from neoprene wet suit material, designers are showing a myriad of California Girl styled separates and accessories. From the beach to the streets, this trend is sure to transition your winter lows into summer “highs”.

Colors? Lavender, Marigold, Softer Blues and…wait for it…ORANGE, again. I’ve been styling and retailing since 2000 and orange, with all of its various shades, never goes away. Another vampire, but in this case, a vampire that looks great on just about everyone!

Lastly, black and white dots, see through outer wear and overly ruffled dresses round out the beginning of an even longer list of this season’s “trends”. That said, I still maintain that although you may encounter specific looks in the stores, if you feel great in what you’re wearing and you’re putting your best self out there, CONFIDENCE never goes out of style.

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