Every season my friends and clients ask me the same questions:
"What's the BIG color this season?"
"Can I still wear my ___________?"
"What trends are the most relevant?"

I can't get enough of this look.  So far I have purchased two sleeveless tanks, one rose the other wedgewood blue, a wine colored jumpsuit and another sleeveless top in a burnt out floral pattern.  Use velvet as a rich textural component when putting together your cool weather looks, dressy or casual.

Most of you probably mini barfed at the idea but YES, your grandmother's sofa flowers are now all the rage.  Look for trend forward patterns in bell bottom pants, pencil skirts, tunic dresses, coats and more.


At the risk of having too much of this trend, I now have two pairs of jeans, over the knee boots, ankle high boots and a bomber jacket that all have embroidery.  You can find cool pieces anywhere from Target to Neimans.  Buy some.  This trend is a keeper.

Those are my personal TOP three.  Here is a quick summary of everything else FALL...
RED is "the" color.  Fun FUR.  Fringe is still INBROWN is the new black.  One shoulder and cold shoulder still living large.  70's plaid.  Fish net accents.  Victorian collars.

I welcome the change of seasons.  I am a BIG fan of Fall and Winter fashion.  There is a lot to play with now that the weather has changed.  Don't play it safe (boring), dive in and enjoy the FUN!



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