I remember when the holidays were opportunities to wear your finest and best.  There was a time when most people actually planned what they were going to wear on special days such as Christmas, Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving.  When my sister and I were growing up, my mother would dress us in holiday appropriate dresses with brand new tights and shiny patent leather Mary Janes.  This was the holiday protocal into our early double digits.  As teens we were required to wear skirts, dresses or nice dress pants.  There was no arguing.  The holidays were a time of celebrating family with honor and that meant showing some self respect.

Why do people assume that presenting themselves in an appropriate manner means that they will surely be uncomfortable?  It is entirely possible to dress comfortably yet be appropriate, presentable and festive.

I have noticed that many people use the "it's just not important to me" attitude as a defense for their sloppy attire.  Many will even go one step further to say "if the people I'm with care about what I'm wearing, than I don't need to be with those people."  Seriously?  Everyone feels better about themselves when they take the time to shower, dress and show up with intention.  We carry ourselves differently when dressed appropriately.  People approach us and relate to us with respect when it appears we are confident, self assured and care.  

However tempting, DO NOT show up to your Thanksgiving celebration in sweat pants with a drawstring.  DO NOT attempt to dress up a pair of yoga pants.  Put together an outfit suitable to celebrate a day which honors Gratitude, Family and Friendship.  Save the  sweats and yoga pants for your Black Friday visit to the GYM.

Happy Turkey and Pumpkin Pie Day.  We are all Blessed! Cheers!