Skin. The one thing we always wear no matter the season. We soak it, sun it, wax it, self tan it, lube it, exfoliate it and eventually cover it. Despite premiere care or long term abuse, skin never goes out of style and fortunately for all of us, skin endures the test of time, some better than others.

The retail component of my business is located inside the Skin Boutique on Woodward Ave. in Birmingham. My fun, affordable clothing, jewelry and accessories are offered within this spa setting where anti-acne and anti-aging procedures take place six days a week. Skin Boutique owner Rhonda Nesbitt is a registered nurse who is passionate about skin care. Rhonda and her talented staff help women, men and teenagers improve their skin; clearing acne, creating collagen and ultimately, restoring confidence!

I take great pride in my ability to help women and men look and feel their best when they get dressed. Rhonda’s clients feel that same confidence when they look in the mirror. Together we work to make our clients feel great, inside and out.

Stop into the Skin Boutique and take a look at everything that is new in the Just Call Kara Fall collection. Sweaters, dresses, pants, jackets, purses and more. While shopping, pick up a spa service sheet. The staff at Skin Boutique will be delighted to explain any services or procedures offered. You will NEVER feel any pressure to purchase or participate.

Do you love the skin you’re in? Do you love how you look when you cover it? Skin Boutique and Just Call Kara hope you can answer both questions with a confident “YES!” If not, you now know where to find us.

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Just Call Kara Seasonal Sale and New Season Preview

Great New Fall Fashions, Jewelry and Accessories.

Incredible Markdowns on Inventory that must be sold to make room for the NEW.

When & Where


Wednesday, September 25th 10 – 3pm
Thursday, September 26th 5 – 9pm (Skin Boutique Ladies Night…great deals, big fun!)

Map to Event – Click Here

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One of my professional goals for 2013 is to educate as many people as I can on “How to change your life by feeling/looking great”.  I am happy to say that I have already presented to several groups, small and large, about making personal style changes that have changed lives.

I recently spoke to a group of people who are currently working toward making themselves “work” ready on a variety of levels.  With resumes perfected, interview skills refreshed and employment goals established, the group attended our panel discussion in search of personal presentation updates.  As a member of the panel of style professionals, I was provided with a series of question prompts that have inspired me to BLOG!

Prompt Question #1.

Which Spring/Summer style faux pas do you find most irritating?

**PLEASE NOTE: I am going to answer this openly and honestly knowing I will offend many and only hoping  to create awareness and change in a few.

1. Flip flops with EVERYTHING.  Going in and out of Yoga, following a pedicure, on the pool deck…all acceptable flip flop places.  Church, work, social gathering, etc., not so much.  If you are flap, flap, flapping when you are walk, walk, walking, find a better shoe.  The market is flooded with completely flat, stylish, thong type sandals so kick it up a notch.  If you must wear flip flops, get off the ground a little with a wedge thong that will give you better posture while you flap, flap,flap.


Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 6.34.11 PM Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 6.35.33 PM Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 6.36.18 PM





















2.  When the thermometer rises, garments become lighter, tighter and sometimes overly revealing.  When selecting what to wear, ask yourself the following questions:
*Is my hemline appropriate for my age?
*Am I wearing the right undergarments?
*Is anything “hanging out” that shouldn’t be?  AND/OR If anything is hanging out, would my overall look be better if it weren’t?


3.  When dressing for warmer temperatures, make sure that all of your exposed parts are groomed for exposure.
*When wearing opened toe shoes, make sure toenails are trimmed and clean.  When wearing sandals, moisturize heels and toes.  Get rid of the scales, we all have them.  My go to is Aquaphor.  While rescuing your heels and toes, use it on your elbows, cuticles and lips.
*When wearing skirts and shorts, make sure your legs are shaved and moisturized.  These are not sexist comments. NO ONE wants to see hairy, scaly legs and you  should not want to wear them.

Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 6.38.11 PM











That is it…Spring/Summer Style Faux Pas that I find most irritating.  So easy to avoid, so easy to ignore.  You decide.

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Once we shed our winter clothes and delight in the warmth of the sun on our skin, accessorizing somehow looses its luster. As fabrics lighten up, hemlines shorten and colors brighten, it’s essential to understand the importance accessories still play in overall outfitting and looking our best.

This spring, enamel jewelry is a great way to add color. Enamel bangles can be worn alone, combined with other bracelet textures or layered in multiples. These bracelets are lightweight, comfortable and perfect with everything from your monochromatic lace T-shirt to your geometric patterned maxi skirt. Sequin bangles, $32-48, Nordstrom, metro Detroit locations.

Although synonymous with winter and keeping warm, scarves should not be ignored once temperatures become mild. Lightweight scarves are essential to the enhancement of every warm weather wardrobe. Like their cold weather counterparts, spring and summer scarves add color, dimension, and texture but have a life beyond neck placement. These brightly colored wraps can also be worn around the waist as a belt or sarong. When roll tied, many can be used as a head wrap or an accent on a purse or tote handle.

Anthropologie layered dreamscape scarf,$88, Anthropologie, metro Detroit locations.

The necklaces for spring/summer 2013 are a weather-friendly extension of the chunky statement necklaces we loved last fall. Colorful, bold and often geometric, this season’s necklaces are made of fabric, stone, beads, costume metal, plastic or a combination of all of the above. All necklaces available at Nordstrom, $38 -$60.

Accessorizing may take extra thought and time, but it should never be eliminated as you celebrate wearing less clothing when the weather warms. As you get closer to digging your toes in the sand, remember accessories are the icing on the cake or more seasonally stated, the salt on the rim of your margarita glass. Enjoy!

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Today, March 15th, at 10:45 a.m., Just Call Kara made a guest appearance on Fox 2 News, Detroit.  The segment, Style File, featured my approach to transitioning  bulky winter clothes to colorful Spring style.  With my props, jewelry, outfits, and wonderful models, Julia, Maren, and Sara, I headed to the news station.  Upon arrival, we were escorted to the green room where we mentally prepared for the five minute segment.  Butterflies? Nerves?  Some, but after a few deep breaths I was able to regroup and was ready to roll.  My models were assuredly going to rock on camera.

With anything planned, there is always a chance that something may not go as anticipated.  As we entered the building, I was told that the Winter clothing photos that I had planned to “split screen” with the updated Spring fashions could not be implemented this late in the game.  Without the time necessary to change, we were told that each model would only have enough time to show one look.  Disappointed that the transition focus of the segment would be lost, we strategized to make it work.  A fast and furious “change” had to occur and that is exactly what we did.



Maren started the segment by changing from a wintery scarf and dark boot cut jeans to trend forward printed Skinny jeans and colorful jewelry from Target.  Julia transitioned a winter work look by swapping a wool A-line for a colorful abstract dress from Burlington Coat Factory.  Last but not least, Sara traded her black puffy coat and heavy wool scarf for a bright green trench coat from Macy’s and a colorful neck circle from Just Call Kara, inside the Skin Boutique in Birmingham.  Winter to Spring was achieved by changing one garment and a few accessories and because my girls were fast, we were able to show everything we had planned.


In addition to the model’s spring styling, I was able to discuss some of Springs “must haves” including bright espadrille wedges, green Kate Spade kitten heels, intensely colored small leather goods and totes, cross body bags and colorful jewelry.  It was fun to surprise Anqunette Jamison with the great deals I had found when purchasing the featured accessories at TJ Maxx and Loehmanns.  When you are in the stores 5 to 7 days a week, you find deals regularly!



Thank you to my models, my mentor Amy, my intern, Abby, and my daughter, Abby, who came along for the ride and was a huge help.  Thank you to Fox 2 News for having me as a guest.  I hope I am able to contribute again.  The experience made a dreary Friday morning completely delightful.

As I write this, the rain has turned to snow.  Although the weather is still far from mild, do not be afraid to transition some of your tired winter clothes to some brighter spring options.  Small changes, moving in the right direction, baby steps.  Who knows, maybe Mother Nature will take note!


Check out the photo gallery with more behind the scenes photos.


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Having had executed three successful SWAP events in the past, there was sufficient interest in working toward making the 4th SWAP event a reality, or so it seemed.  Unfortunately after having scheduled, postponed and rescheduled, I have had to cancel the March 12th Style Swap.

I am officially putting Style Swap to rest.  I thank my loyal Just Call Kara Swap clients for their support but there just weren’t enough “swappers” to make it worth your time and trades.

It’s time for me to focus on what I do best. I have changed numerous lives by helping women and men dress with confidence and style. My closet “therapy” approach has improved the self esteem of so many of my clients. In addition to my closet consultation business, I am blessed to have a beautiful retail space within the Skin Boutique in Birmingham.  Outfitting, Personal shopping and offering fun affordable fashion, jewelry and accessories makes my career rewarding and fun.

I will continue to host style events but I think that my SWAP will only live on in memory.  Three was the charm.

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2013 Style 2 Share


Due to the craziness of the holiday season, November proved to be an impossible month for the swap, so after being persuaded by many to postpone the event, I agreed.  Style 2 Share, a Just Call Kara style swap event will take place Tuesday, March 12th 2013.  If you have done it before, you know it is a lot of fun.  In order to participate you need to buy a ticket and gather your contributions.  The basic how to’s of the event are fairly simple but please take the time to review the information below for a complete description of what happens BEFORE and DURING the event .  If you have never attended a SWAP before and need further clarification, please do not hesitate to call Kara 248-396-2067.

Please plan to drop off your swap items, bagged and tagged with your name, at the Skin Boutique anytime before March 5th.  Call 248-588-3500 to be sure that someone at the Skin Boutique is there to receive your items and payment for your ticket.  Once I have checked in your “swappable” items,  You will receive an email verifying your total credits and confirming your participation.  Your items will be given credit totals depending on current style, level of wear and state of desirability.  Any items that have stains, excessive wear or are extremely dated will be either discarded or donated to a local charity.  I have been donating garments to Full Circle, a non-profit resale shop that employees mentally challenged adults.  All contributions to this very special non profit store are immensely appreciated.

Please feel free to contribute more than the 5 required number of items.  The more items you contribute, the greater number of credits you will have to “shop” for fun stylish articles that will be new to you.  This swap will jewelry, purses, scarves, outerwear and clothing.  Please do not drop off shoes, undergarments or hosiery.  Only new fitness apparel and bathing suits with original tags will be accepted.

The evening of the event you will be given as many swap tickets as you have earned from your credited articles. One ticket per one credit.  For example, Mary dropped off a bag of items at the Skin Boutique, paid for her participation ticket ($25) and shortly thereafter received an email stating she had 48 credits to spend the evening of the event.  On November 14th, she arrived at 6 pm and was given an envelope with 48 tickets inside.  As she went through the racks of clothing, displays of jewelry and tables of purses she noted things priced everywhere from 1 credit to 50 credits.  She spent her tickets to “buy” scarves, jewelry, jeans a dress and more.

Once you have dropped off your items and have paid for your ticket, you will not be able to retrieve any of your contributions.  PLEASE be sure that everything you pull from your closet for the event are items you are sure you want to part with.  I suppose you could always repurchase your items with your credits but the whole point of the evening is to free yourself of things that haven’t worked for you.  Participants from the last swap events have been thrilled to shed their personally useless wearables for fashionable articles they are excited to give a try.

Your $25 participation ticket price covers administrative costs, logistics, additional staff, food and beverages.  A great deal of work goes into making this event a really fun night.  Happy customers with big smiles, new clothes and endless stories of their “swap finds”  are the motivation I need to continue to host these swap events.  If you have attended before, encourage friends, neighbors and family members to join in the fun.  If you have been curious about attending but have had reservations, call me.  I will put you in touch with some women who initially felt the same way but are now the clients who are begging for another.

You can reach me by phone or email using the contact information below.

I hope to be swapping with all of you in March!

With style and gratitude,

Kara Laramie


Skin Boutique 248-588-3500

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Welcome to The Skin Boutique!  No, you haven’t gone to the wrong website, you just haven’t familiarized yourself with the Just Call Kara/Skin Boutique connection.  Just Call Kara is now located inside the Skin Boutique in Birmingham.  I have been operating out of the Skin Boutique since March 1st but Spring arrived, I went to China, then summer happened and now it is already FALL!  So if you haven’t been by to visit me yet, now is a great time to do so.

The Skin Boutique is across the street and just north of the old High Wire Girls location.  Our new address is 33226 Woodward Ave., Birmingham MI 48009.  My dear friend Rhonda Nesbitt, owner of the Skin Boutique, is a master of her art.  She is loved by all of her anti-aging and acne clients.  She works hard to keep everyone’s skin looking fabulous, while I work hard to keep them dressed and accessorized to perfection.  I could not have imagined a more perfect situation than the one we created at the Skin Boutique.  The space is inviting and comfortable and the Skin Boutique team are wonderful and fun to be around.

Next week I will be holding my Fall preview and inventory clearance sale.  The new things for Fall are so much fun.  Clothing, purses, and jewelry have been arriving daily and the early reactions have been over the top!  There will also be gigantic discounts on clearance inventory.  It is  truly the perfect opportunity to reload your “gift closets” as the deals are unreal.

Wed, Sept 26 5pm to 9pm  snacks and sips will accompany the shopping!

Thursday, Sept 27 10am – 2pm  There will still be great things available so do not hesitate to come!

I look forward to reconnecting with everyone and introducing you to the Skin Boutique/Just Call Kara family.

See you next Wed and Thurs!

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I have been crazy busy ever since the April 15th Free Press article.  I have been extremely fortunate to have been featured in a variety of publications throughout my career but the response to this specific article has been like no other before.  I am currently working with new clients in Saline, Grosse Pointe, Bloomfield, Farmington, Milford, West Bloomfield, Commerce Township, Birmingham and Ferndale.  My existing clients all over metroploitan Detroit have me working on outfits for graduation parties, weddings, business meetings, interviews, showers and extravagant trips abroad.  I am a shopping guru and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you to Nancy Chipman Powers for the wonderful Sunday edition Free Press feature.  New people have been contacting me weekly and the article was printed 6 weeks ago.  I am thrilled about the exposure and am grateful to have had such a fabulous response.

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I find it very depressing that as much as I love to write, my blog remains very low on the priority totem pole.  Why is there never time to do the things we know we need to do, actually like to do but never get around to because quite frankly, nothing will happen to us if it doesn’t get done?

Since my last blog, a million years ago, I have opened a retail space within a fabulous business and have become part of a family that I adore.  The Skin Boutique, owned and operated by my friend Rhonda Nesbitt, RN and her husband (my brother from another mother) Paul.  Rhonda moved her amazingly successful business from her Royal Oak, Rochester Road location to 33226 Woodward Avenue, in Birmingham, March 1st.

During January and February, we cleaned, painted and prepped a space that we now call home and it is sheer perfection.  In addition to all of the wonderful anti-aging and acne prevention and treatment services Rhonda is known for, Ms. Nesbitt has added nail services, massage, waxing, electrolysis and medical accupuncture  to the Skin Boutique’s menu of services.

The Skin Boutique is also home to the retail component of Just Call Kara.  Clothing, jewelry, accessories and gifts can be found during regular spa hours.  You don’t need a spa appointment to shop so feel free to visit the Skin Boutique when in need of a new outfit or a girlie” pick me up.”  Just Call Kara stylist services are also on the Skin Boutique menu.  Closet consultations, personal shopping and individual outfitting are my specialties and having a studio within such a wonderful environment is inspiring!

Rhonda is incredible.  Young, old or in between, if you have questions or concerns about your skin, your search for the most knowledgeable, nurturing and honest “skin goddess” is over.  I lovingly have named her the “skin whisperer” and she is truly amaziing.  Call the Skin Boutique 248-588-3500 or visit us in person at 33226 Woodward.  Health , Beauty and Wellness is what the Skin Boutique is all about.  A softer, happier, healthier YOU is one visit away.  Don’t delay!

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